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Im the beardless bro in the grey tank in the far left during my bodybuilding years.

Im the beardless bro in the grey tank in the far left during my bodybuilding years.

After years as a competitive wrestler I needed an outlet for my energy so I turned to bodybuilding. Fast forward a few misguided years in my fitness journey(my meat head years) to age 23, my body was beaten up and  run down from all the years of heavy lifting . That summer I needed a physical education elective class for college, due to the lack of other options I signed up for intro to yoga. Yoga humbled the 230 pound block of muscle that I had become. This class gave me a lot of in site to what being "fit" means. Though introspection I realized that the bodybuilding lifestyle I was living wasn't healthy and decide to add running into my regiment in conjunction with my yoga practice. 

Finish line at Chicago Marathon.

Finish line at Chicago Marathon.

In 2011 I ran Chicago Marathon. My new lean, mobil body gave me more energy that I had in years. My weekends no longer revolved around my gym and feeding times but now of adventures. Every chance I had I was headed off to the mountains biking, hiking, backpacking and adventuring. I view life as one grand adventure. Limitations such as bad back, bad knees, overweight, lack of funds are a few things that he sees as small bumps in the road to following your dream adventure. Helping individuals gain mental and physical strength to take on adventures no matter how grand is my life's purpose. When individuals are told they should give up the activities they enjoy I say "let's find a way" to help them overcome their limitations. 

Steven takes on his biggest adventures with the Muhammad Ali mantra of "Im going to show you how great I am." 


Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist(LMBT)


       - Neuromuscular Massage (Trigger Point)

       - Medical Cupping

       - Thai Massage

National Association of Sports Medicine Certifications:

     - Personal Trainer (CPT)

     - Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

     - Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Yoga 200 Hour Training

Wilderness First Responder/ First Aid & CPR

Rock Tape - Basic and Performance Certifications




24hr Summer Solstice Expert 1st

         Nacho Stand Classic 6hr Expert 3rd

         Pisgah 36 (DNF)

Pisgah Productions Single Dare

         Huracan 300 5th


Cross Florida Individual Time Trial (CFiTT) 6th(32hrs)

        Trans North Georgia (TNGA) 6th

         Pisgah 55.5k

         Allegheny Mountain Loop 2nd

         Huracan 300 3rd

         Arizona Trail Race 300


Continental Divide Mountain Bike Route (2,768 miles, over 200,000 feet of elevation gain)


          Fools Gold 50

          Swank 65

          Five Points 50

          Monster Cross

2015 Assault on Mt. Mitchell

         Trans America Bike Route (4,228 miles, over 220,000 feet of elevation gain)

2014 Triple Lakes Trail Race 40 Miler 

         Assault on Mt. Mitchell

2013 NC State Bodybuilding Show, Mens Physique

         Elite Muscle Classic Middle Weight 3rd

         Asheville Citizen Times Marathon

         Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim Run

2012 Pikes Peak Backpacking Adventure

         Shut In Trail Race

         South Carolina Super Natural Bodybuilding

2011 Chicago Marathon

2006  South Carolina Super Natural Bodybuilding 2nd Light Heavy weight

Steven not only got me into shape, but he taught me a tremendous amount about my body and how to move in healthy ways. In just 6 weeks, I felt like a new person!
— Patrick Scully