Integrating wisdom and science seems like the perfect combo to make the correct choice on what fuel best serves our bodies. As an endurance athlete I have looked at my diet and health/wellness as a game of how many miles = how many pieces of French toast I got post run. While riding the continental divide this summer I was on a hidden agenda  to seek out an epic cinnamon roll(Polebridge, MT) Doing a little check in with myself about how I view food and its roll in my wellness. I have decided that for the first time I'll try an elimination diet. This will not be like the diet I put myself through for a bodybuilding or physic show. I will not be measuring myself purely out of asthetics but instead I'll be recording my weight, body composition and performance to see how eating with the intention of acheiving the best me affects me after three weeks. I will be eliminating dairy, grains and legumes. Starting weight 185lbs. 


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