2017 is here and as I meditate on what adventures I want to take on in the up coming year I find myself dealing with the fear of falling short of reaching the top of the mountain. I'm writing this post to let everyone know that I know what it is like to fear not being smart enough, tough enough or physically able to take on bigger adventures. 

My definition of fear is "the untold story". In 2017 I will be attempting to complete the Arizona Trail Race(AZT750), a 750 mile mountain bike race across Arizona spanning from the Mexico border to the Utah border. This race is unsanctioned and unsupported with a fun twist... the Grand Canyon. Not only will i have to navigate through the high desert but once I reach the South Rim of the canyon I will have to disassemble my bike, strap it to my backpack and proceed to hike 21 miles to cross the Grand Canyon to reach the North Rim where I will reassemble my bike to finish the race.

The AZT750 will be the first of 2 and possibly 3 ultra mountain bike races that I will be taking on this year including the Continental Divide Race and possibly the Colorado Trail Race to achieve the coveted Triple Crown of ultra endurance mountain bike racing. But with going big I'm confronted with my fears of failure and inadequacies. On the outside I may appear to be fearless but on the inside I'm fighting the battle of not being able to take on the mountains I have before me. The one thing I know is that if I let the fear of failure stop me from taking on these adventures ill never make it. My days are filled with research, logistics, physical and mental preparation. This year I will turn down many events with friends and family in order to reach my goals. 

There is no mountain too high! To everyone who sees me over the next year know that while you maybe seeing me take on epic adventures that I have dedicated my life to pushing through the pain and fears that come along with the journey. To anyone who has started this year off wanting to make a big positive change in your life I know your fears and I want you all to know that you can achieve your goals with hard work and dedication. This might mean not going out and partying on Friday night so that you can get up and train on Saturday. This might mean that you get a case of the F**k Its and your mind tells you whats the point with dieting, exercise, or whatever it may take to reach your goals. If you give up you will never see the top of the mountain and know what it is like to feel on top of the world. 

2017 GO BIG and NFQ!

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